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Background Check Services for Churches and Religious Institutions

The necessity of certified background checks are not limited to businesses or corporations. Background screening services are invaluable tools for nonprofits and religious institutions of all sizes and denominations.  
Background checks create an atmosphere of trust. When vetted through the certified background check process, you know that only qualified and safe volunteers are working for your organization. Our background check services are fully customizable for those who fill unique roles within your church.

Protecting Your Organization with Pre-Screened Applicants

While volunteers within your organization are not paid employees, they still interact directly with children, other church members & the surrounding community every day. That's why certified background checks are invaluable and necessary: they reveal convictions of felonies and misdemeanors, court records, warrants, sex offenses, SSN reports & more.

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Protecting Your Organization with Pre-Screened Applicants

While volunteers within your organization are not paid employees, they still interact directly with children, other church members & the surrounding community every day. That's why certified background checks are invaluable and necessary: they reveal convictions of felonies and misdemeanors, court records, warrants, sex offenses, SSN reports & more.

Why Are Background Checks So Important for Churches?

Background checks for churches involve many different types of background checks, but they typically include at least a national criminal search, a social security trace, and a current county or statewide check. For positions of higher trust, such as clergy or leaders, the checks may also involve personal references, education verification, and employment verification. Criminal background checks cover the past 7 to 10 years and include all states and counties of residence, as well as an FBI sex offender search. It's essential for churches to know that we can tailor background checks to their specific needs.

How Can Background Checks Benefit Churches and Their Congregations?

Background checks benefit churches and their congregations by enhancing safety and providing peace of mind. Knowing that individuals in positions of trust have undergone rigorous background checks can offer a higher level of security and trust to the congregation. It's particularly important in organizations that work with vulnerable populations, such as children, the elderly, or individuals with disabilities.

What Legal and Ethical Considerations Should Churches Keep in Mind When Conducting Background Checks?

Churches should ensure that they conduct the same level of background check for each position. They need to consider the legal and ethical aspects of conducting background checks while maintaining consistent standards across all roles.

Can You Explain the Process of Conducting Background Checks for Church Personnel and Volunteers?

The process for conducting background checks for church personnel and volunteers is similar to what we've described. Many churches prefer a manual process, where paper release forms are used, and the information is manually entered or provided over the phone. Churches are often working with older individuals who may not want to enter their social security number online. Some churches, like the transportation companies, have a parent-child relationship structure, with dioceses overseeing individual schools or churches. We adapt to the needs of each part of the organization.

Do You Offer Specialized Background Check Services for Church Leaders or Positions of Trust?

We offer specialized background checks for positions of trust. These positions may require an even more rigorous check, with additional referencing and verifications to ensure the highest level of trust and safety.

What Are Some Unique Questions or Considerations When Conducting Background Checks for Church-Related Roles?

Some unique questions or considerations in background checks for church-related roles revolve around sensitive questions provided to us by the church. Churches may provide specific questions for referencing to address these concerns.

How Do You Ensure Discretion and Sensitivity When Handling Background Checks for Church Members and Leaders?

We maintain strict procedures to ensure the discretion and sensitivity of personal information in all background checks. Our employees are trained to protect personal information through measures like securing computers and shredding printed materials. We apply these procedures consistently to all clients.

Are There Any Specific Compliance Requirements for Background Checks in Religious Organizations?

While we don't have specific compliance requirements for religious organizations, we maintain consistent procedures across all clients to ensure privacy and security.

What Types of References or Character Assessments Are Included in Church Background Checks?

Church background checks include referencing, involving calls to former colleagues, current colleagues, friends, and family members. The goal is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of an individual's character and history.


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MYB currently performs background check services for several Catholic and Episcopal churches, protestant domination churches, church schools & numerous other nonprofits. All of our reports are overseen by a compliance & credentials supervisor who ensures that our certified background checks comply with current and new state and federal regulations. 
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