The #1 reason people switch jobs? They're bored.

According to a Korn Ferry poll of nearly 5,000 professionals, the top reason people were looking for a new job in 2018?

They’re bored.

While many would predict money to be the main motivator, that was far from the reality. One third of respondents said they’d want a new job because they were looking for a new challenge, while only 19 percent said their top priority out of a new job is a higher salary. This was lower than the number of people who say they are looking because they lost or expect to lose their current employment (21 percent).

Full results were as follows:

  • I’m bored, need new challenge — 33 percent
  • Culture doesn’t fit with me/my values — 24 percent
  • I have either lost my job or expect that I will — 21 percent
  • Higher salary — 19 percent
  • Company politics — 3 percent

The problem of boredom not only affects the employee experience due to the unhappiness, but also an organization’s bottom line. The loss in productivity can be costly, and if the employee eventually quits, now you have to add in the cost of turnover. offers three simple ways that companies can fix this dilemma:

  1. Give employees development and advancement opportunities
  2. Give employees plenty of autonomy
  3. Create a feedback culture

If you’re not implementing these methods, now’s the time. Based on this data, 1/3 of your employees are likely bored and already looking for pastures new.

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