Increase in fake diplomas leads to more intense background checks

Verifile Limited’s second annual Accredibase report into diploma and accreditation mill activity has revealed an astounding 48% increase worldwide in the number of known diploma and accreditation mills in the last year. There is no doubt that such findings are going to lead to more intense and detailed pre-employment background screening on job applicants, particularly on their educational records. The report claims that in past 12 months has seen a 20% increase in known diploma mills in the US, with the number rising from 810 to 1,008, and furthermore states: “Diploma mills are largely online entities whose degrees are worthless due to the lack of valid accreditation and recognition. The wide reach and anonymity of the Internet offers these operations the perfect market to exploit, which is alarming not just for prospective employers but for society as a whole”. While this is currently a market that these operations can exploit, when background checks become more detailed as companies realize the importance of verifying applicants information, this market is soon going to become as worthless as the diplomas they offer.]]>

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