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2011 NC Small Business Person of the Year. Providing a cost-effective service, quick turnaround and unbeatable customer service, if you need to perform employment checks in North Carolina, then MYB is the route to go. Why the rise in unemployment? There could be a couple of reasons as to why we have suddenly seen unemployment rise, despite the rise coming as a surprise considering it has been sitting stable at 9.7% for several months. Primarily, we could look at the recently passed state budget, which took effect July 1st. In government jobs, especially at community colleges and universities, there is often an unemployment jump in summer months when teaching and other staff jobs are cut until the fall term. However, “there was a larger increase that we typically see this time of year in that portion of state government,” Parker said of the university and community college job category. Asked whether the cuts are budget related and will be longer term, he said “It’s too early to tell.” Furthermore, the issues surrounding national debt is keeping many employers on edge – unsure as to whether they will be in a satisfactory financial position come the end of the year to justify hiring someone now. Whatever the reason for the states unemployment rising, there is no doubt that this has an effect on employment checks in North Carolina. As suggested earlier, the wider selection of candidates for each role allows employers to be increasingly testing and specific when it comes to evaluating each candidate. If you are an employer and in this position, get in touch with Mind Your Business, Inc. today.]]>

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