Plan for Success During COVID-19 Regulations

The economy is slowly reopening after COVID-19 closures, and many business owners are in unfamiliar territory. With the addition of new safety regulations, mounting consumer concerns, and the need to keep employees safe, businesses have huge hurdles to cross before they can reopen.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, business owners need to “keep in mind that your customer’s expectations, needs, and priorities may have changed since they last visited, and there may be ways to better meet your customers where they are mentally and emotionally.”

Have a Plan in Place

How can businesses reopen during these uncertain times? MYB, Inc. founder and CEO Karen Caruso recommends putting safety first,

“We have to do everything we can to keep our families and business safe as we continue to operate in this new COVID-19 aware world. This virus can penetrate your business and staff and shut down everything. No one wants to be shut down for two weeks or longer due to the virus.”

In response to COVID-19, MYB, Inc. is now supporting businesses with the tools they need to reopen quickly and safely. PPE supplies are in-stock and available for immediate shipment. In-stock PPE equipment includes N95 masks, reusable cloth masks, assorted sizes of hand sanitizer, gloves, no-touch thermometers, and face shields.

Get Affordable Screening Services

MYB, Inc. can also provide screening services to ensure on-the-job employees are symptom-free. Screening services include temperature results using no contact thermometers, physical symptom identification, and a series of key health questions designed to identify potential virus risk. Daily, weekly, and/or monthly data reports are provided along with information from each screening.

For those who need to go above and beyond in protecting their staff and facilities, MYB has the capabilities to provide temperature, biometrics, social distancing, and contact tracing with an enhanced technology solution. The technology is ideal for schools and other organizations where using a thermometer is ineffective.

Start Protecting Your Business Today

“As a background screening and pre-employment agency, our job has always been to assist our clients with making informed hiring decisions,” says Karen Caruso, founder and CEO of MYB, Inc. “Now with COVID-19, we’re looking at how we can protect your employees and customers by having designated health screening specialists at your businesses. It’s the first line of defense in keeping everyone safe.”

To learn more about MYB, Inc.’s services contact us today.

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