Heath Schuler visits Mind Your Business

A native of Swain County and a current resident of Haywood County, Heath Shuler was first elected to represent North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District in November 2006. A former NFL quarterback,  Congressman Shuler was also a successful entrepreneur and small business owner prior to his congressional bid. As someone who has first-hand experience creating and sustaining a successful small business, he was in a perfect position to understand the struggles that Karen and MYB have overcome – particularly in the current economic situation. Following his visit, Shuler posted a status on his Facebook Fan page:

He notes that “Caruso exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and tireless work ethic that you can find in communities all across Western North Carolina”  – a true compliment and worthy praise from such an instrumental figure in the region.

For those  – the significant majority of us these days – who are on Facebook, visit the MYB Facebook page or the Heath Shuler Facebook page to learn a bit more about both, and what the visit and the SBA awards was all about.


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